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Referring Physician Marketing Increases Endoscopy Centers’ Volume by 1,800+ Procedures

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Center Profile

Six AMSURG-affiliated gastroenterology outpatient endoscopy centers associated with Arizona Digestive Health have 35 physician partners in Phoenix, AZ, and see more than 38,000 patients each year with the assistance of Ground Force, AMSURG's referring physician marketing program

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The Challenge

Six endoscopy centers were not meeting their volume and growth goals due to a stagnant referring physician base. The causes were identified as:

  • Competitive market for GI referrals
  • Need to rebuild their market share of primary care physician (PCP) referrals
  • Lack of an outreach program to target physicians

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Mark D. Gulinson, MD

“The AMSURG Ground Force program has been instrumental in helping us grow our center and obtain valuable market intelligence. Not only do we hear valuable feedback that we can address, if needed, but when we review the providers being targeted, we are pleased to see the positive impact. We would not have been able to implement this program in such a structured, timely fashion without the support of the program mechanics provided by AMSURG.”

North Valley Endoscopy Center

Unique Solutions

AMSURG recommended Ground Force, AMSURG’s referring physician marketing program Since primary care physicians (PCPs) are key drivers of colon cancer screening referrals, AMSURG and local leadership implemented the Ground Force referring physician marketing program. This program targets primary care physicians, their staff and local employers. Ground Force staff made regular office visits to educate physicians and their staff, and as a result, increased procedure volume, strengthened relationships and kept centers top of mind.

AMSURG and Ground Force offered solutions that included:

  • Ground Force sales representative to call on referring physicians
  • Proprietary tracking system for activity and referrals
  • Customized and proven marketing materials
  • Employer and community outreach
  • Local health fair outreach


Through the implementation of AMSURG’s Ground Force marketing program, these six endoscopy centers ultimately increased their volume by 1,883 procedures over a two year period.

In the past three years, Ground Force has delivered proven results for these centers by growing procedures from a targeted primary care physician referral base. With an ROI of 187 percent, the expense is well worth the investment. Additionally, the identification of any issues referring providers may have encountered, as well as the participation in employer events, have enhanced the value of the Ground Force program and has further increased the endoscopy centers’ procedure volume and community presence.

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