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Patient Recall Program Adds 1,980 Annual Procedures and Improves Patient Care

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In an attempt to reduce colon cancer risk and improve the recall rates for their GI partner, AMSURG created a unique patient recall program, Patient Connect. A compelling message is created by merging the physician’s recommended recall interval with the results of the patient’s last procedure. Patients receive recall notices by text, mail or even phone to increase response rates.

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The Challenge

Physician practices are usually busy caring for their patients, so following up on recall can slip through the cracks. AMSURG researched existing recall practices at the company’s centers and partnership practices and found generic letters were being used that failed to compel the patient to act.

Based on lower than desired recall rates at a number of centers, AMSURG concluded that new tactics were needed to educate patients about clinical recommendations for appropriate follow-up. A 2013 Cleveland Clinic study demonstrated that adding the clinical results from the last colonoscopy increased response rates.²

²Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 2014; Oct. 80(4)

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Paul E. Brown, M.D.

“With AMSURG’s Patient Connect program, we now feel we are capturing most of those patients who were lost in our system that required repeat colonoscopies. With Patient Connect, those patients are successfully being notified and are scheduling procedures with very minimal efforts on the part of the practice. We have seen significant returns, which are not only limited to an increase in business but also an improvement in the quality of care we provide our patients.”

Louisville Endoscopy Center

Unique Solutions

AMSURG developed Patient Connect to help patients understand the importance of their procedure by using an effective and personalized recall journey.

The program consists of a dynamic technology platform and integrated support services that focus on increased adherence to clinical recommendations and improves communications between patients, doctors and centers. Recall information is merged with available GIQuIC data, providing both the results from their most recent screening, as well as the recommended recall date.

Patient Connect is a Comprehensive Patient Engagement Program

  • Communication solution for patient recall
    • Personalized patient recall letters that include results from the last colonoscopy, which drive better response
    • Enhanced online appointment requests through center website
    • Multiple communication methods via text, phone calls and letters
    • Digital delivery of patient education and procedure instructions
  • Designed to work seamlessly with your team
    • System compatibility with a wide variety of IT systems
    • Full-time AMSURG Patient Connect team, reducing administrative burden on practice staff so they can focus on patient care
  • Affordable cost
    • Low monthly costs billed to center
    • No practice or upfront implementation fees
    • No additional cost for in-person support and staff onboarding


Patient Connect is a Proven Success

AMSURG’s GI partner in the Louisville, KY, market was one of the first centers to sign on to the Patient Connect program. Based on their prior recall rate before implementing the program, the center’s results in year one of Patient Connect included:

  • 1,980 additional patients received medically necessary follow-up care
  • 13% increase in center revenue
  • 28% improvement in recall rate

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